Best Penis Enlargement: Size Genetics Penis Extenders Review

Size Genetics

SizeGeneticsThe SizeGenetics is a top class penis extender device and which comes also with some brilliant penis exercises to help you realize permanent increase in the size of your penis. And in a hassle-free manner!

This penis enlargement device is based on an ancient principle that has been successfully used over the centuries. Applying a constant traction force along the penis shaft triggers the reaction capacity of tissues and causes cellular multiplication. As the cells multiply, the shaft grows in size both in length and in girth. This idea rooted from the device of orthopedics that could lengthen the arms and the legs without doing any damage to the body parts. This process has been done by people in the past, which just shows its effectiveness when used.

SizeGenetics penile extenders help you to increase the size from different angles. It helps you to increase the size and at the same time enhance your technique on the bed. It includes the following items:

SizeGenetics ExtenderSizeGenetics Extender – The extender is clinically proven and is a medical type 1 enlargement device. This device is unique to the system. In fact, the device can trigger the body’s growth function and this make your penis grow!

PenisHealth Exercises – PenisHealth is a well know system of exercises for penis enlargement. Again, it is medically backed and the exercises are extremely safe and reliable. You will get the DVDs for the exercises, as well as online access to PenisHealth website for other online materials such as videos and advices.

Better Sex Guide DVDs – You want to enlarge your penis mainly because you want to give your partner the greatest pleasure. And sex techniques should be one of the factors apart from size of your penis. And this is why the system also includes a DVD set for you to learn more new sex techniques.

Online Access to Lovecentria – Again, Lovecentria is a perfect online guide for you to enhance your sex techniques. You will learn how to give your partner the most intense orgasm from this online guide.

This is a clinically proven and doctors tested program, which will offer you the benefits mentioned below

  • You get a permanent increase in the length and the girth of the penis
  • It helps you solve the problems like Peyronies
  • Makes sure you experience rock-hard erections
  • Helps you to control your ejaculations, which obviously increases the quality of your sex life
  • Also boosts your confidence big time.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender basically uses the traction principle by establishing and maintaining a constant, persistent stretch to the penis, which taps into the body’s ability to create new tissue, which creates a thicker and longer and fuller penis over time. You can wear your Size Genetics Extender all day if you want, you can wear it at home or in the office, and you can even wear it while you sleep if you so desire.

There’s clinical data that suggest the average amount of growth that most people can expect from continued use of their penis enlarger is about 33%-35%, for both the length and girth of their penis. This will greatly improve the quality of your lovemaking, and it will increase your confidence- without any negative side effects whatsoever. It’s totally safe and totally natural, and provides a great way to comfortably improve your penis on every level.

Penis Extenders


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Penis AdvantagePenis Advantage is based on a natural penis enlargement system. Millions of men desire to have their penis enlarged so as to fulfill the sexual needs and pleasure of the women of their life. Penis Advantage is a one stop solution for these people who believe in a natural way of growth. This program claims to add 1-4 inches to the penis using all natural exercises that take only six minutes a day. They claim that this is a permanent enlargement and the program does not require any pills, pumps or weights.

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